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MDT and Newtrax have released yet another RTU for the MineHop network that now supports up to 4 Measurand Shape-Accel-Arrays on one battery-powered box.  The SAAF instrument is designed for monitoring deformation and vibration in the field, as well as tunnel deformation monitoring.  Contact us for more...

Having partnerships with some of the most advanced real-time technology producers in the mining industry, RAMJACK is uniquely positioned in Sub-Saharan Africa to be able to solve many of the most critical technology challenges in the mining industry. Real-time monitoring is our specialty and our flagship products from Newtrax, Mine Design Technologies and Salistera make it all possible.

Case Study

Xstrata Nickel recently used MDT's instruments at their Nickel Rim Mine to monitor ground displacements around a large garage excavated 1480m...

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